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Just as Now, Together with History Org ‘Wooyeokba’

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 Do you know how Korean history is recognized by people around the world? Korean history that is described in more than 700 textbooks around the world is totally different from actual facts. There are various errors, such as ‘Korea was colony of Spain in 16th century’, ‘Colony of China’, ‘Colony of Japan’, ‘A country even without the name’. History that we learned does not exist in the textbooks all over the world. Now it’s time for us to correct distortion of Korean history in the world.

 History Org ‘Wooyeokba’ was founded in 2009, with a goal of correcting Korean history that is being distorted around the world. In both online and offline, we involve in correcting distortion of Korean history, as well as doing research on history, exchanging knowledge and criticism related to it.

 Stepping forward by becoming official non-profit, non-governmental organization in 2017, we widely acts, doing research on history, hosting academic seminar, popularizing history, creating contents, exploring historic sites and providing educational services. Also, our organization is gradually planning for ‘Correcting Distortions of Korean History in both Korea and World’, business of heart’s desire.

To actively counteract distortion of history and keep doing these activities, we are recruiting members.

Our membership is opened for everyone who have interests in history and are willing to sincerely participate in the activities. You can apply for it even if you don’t know specifically about history or don’t have any special careers. We hope every members can get valuable experiences through activities. If you are interested in planning and managing or want to join us, we will be very grateful. Thank you.

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