Representatives and Chief

Jeon Youngsin (Representative)
- In charge of General Business and Legal Responsibility
- Self-Introduction: Hello. I am Jeon Youngsin, representative of CACD. We are on fixing distorted Korean History around the world.
- E mail:
- Mobile: +82 10-3325-8637
Bae Juneyong (Operator)
- In charge of Organization's Operation
- Self-Introduction: We are to improve people’s wrong perceptions about Histories, Societies and Nonprofit Organizations, just like our name CACD. You can always join us!
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Lee Gwanghun (Vice Representative)
- In charge of General Business
- Self-Introduction: I am studying Histories in the university. I will make efforts to introduce Historical Figures who are less well-known and Historical Facts which commonly been introduced incorrect before.
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Bae Gyudong (Chief Manager)
- In charge of Communications and Managing Divisions
- Self-Introduction: I am a guy in twenties who want to work for NGOs later. My job is to help communications between members and staffs, and to manage the group’s divisions. And operating website, membership services, and organizing staff meeting logs and projects are also what I do. I will always be together, helping CACD to grow further and to go abroad.
- E mail:
- Mobile: +82 10-5506-8227

Planning Division

Jo Yuha (Planning Division Manager)
- Self-Introduction: My job is to realize many ideas of our members. I am always ready to return what you want to you when you give us your ideas through our café.
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Media Division

Park Seokchan (Media Division Manager)
- Self-Introduction: I  work in IT field for living, but I am also interested in histories.
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Kim Yunsu (Cafe Staff)
- Self-Introduction: My job is to manage our café. Keep it up, Korea! \
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Baek Jonghyeon (Cafe Staff)
- Self-Introduction: I am a high school student interested in Korean history. I don’t like distortion of histories, but I love ‘Finger-cutting Alliance' acted by Jeong Seonghwa. I will do my best on working for the organization!
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Design Division

Won Junhee (Design Division Manager)
- Self-Introduction: I am Design Division Manager of CACD. Thank you.
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Kim Jungmin (Design Staff)
- Self-Introduction: First thing to do to change the world better way, I believe, is to review histories that’s what happened before. I always check if our priceless histories are distorted, misused, or drift apart from public.
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Academic Research Division

Hwang Jiyeong (Academic Research Division General Manager)
- Self-Introduction: As a student who are majoring in History, I will do my best to make the planning and processing of our researches or conventions.
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Rha Yejin (Foreign Textbook Staff)
- Self-Introduction: My job is getting foreign textbooks and analyzing the historical distortions in them.
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Oh Minju (Research Team Leader)
- Self-Introduction: I believe History is present progressive. There are too many unsolved or distorted problems like Japanese military sexual slaves or forced laborers for Japanese. So I will work hard on introducing right histories.
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Ju Yeongwoo (Academic Team Manager)
- Self-Introduction: My major is Historical Science. I always do my best to understand our history deeper, in many different perspectives. I want to introduce our various histories easier and more interesting. I believe history is tender enough to be familiar with.
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