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<How to Apply>

  • Qualification: ANYONE who have interests in Korean History (Even if you don’t know a lot about history or don’t have any special careers, you can join us as long as you are interested in History)
  • How to Apply: Please fill out the membership application form at the bottom of this page. Registered members can join project teams.
  • Annual Membership Fee: Free for associate members (Associate members are not required to pay annual membership fee, so only qualification as activate members will be given) / 10,000 KRW for Adult regular members / 5,000 KRW for Teenage regular members (351-0988-4688-33 (Nonghyup Bank Account No.) Account Holder: 역사단체 우역바)
  • Please pay the Annual Membership Fee at the first day of the month you paid your first Fee. We will announce you before the day by text message. (Ex. If you paid your first Membership fee on June 12th, your pay day will be June 1st every year)
  • The register will be canceled if you write false information, so please write the facts only.

<Benefits for Regular Members>

  • Receiving Email Newsletter(In Case You Agree with This)
  • 50% Discounts on Entry Fee for Seminars
  • Discounts on our Goods and Souvenirs
  • Getting Membership cards and Certificate for Your Activities
  • Getting Activity Cost for Particular Activities

<Information on Payment and Refunds of Membership Fee>

  • You are required to pay membership fee if you want to become a regular member. If you don’t pay membership fee every year, your membership would change into associate member.
  • You can apply for administrators if you become regular member of our organization.
  • You can get a refund only when you withdraw from the alliance within 7 days after register for our organization.

<Privacy Policy>

  •  The organization collects following personal information to utilize them for recruiting and managing the organization.

– Full Name, Day of Birth, Email Address, Nationality, Picture, URLs of Blog or Social Media

  • In principle, your private information will be deleted as soon as you withdraw from the alliance. Also, your private information will be protected according to the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • We don’t collect your private information unless you want, but it might be difficult to be member of our alliance if you reject to provide us with your private information.

<Membership  Application Form>