Controversies on Japanese Rising Sun and Visiting Yasukuni Shrine

2019-04-12 22:38

1. Japanese Rising Sun

Japanese Rising Sun is the flag Japan used during Second World War as a symbol of Japanese militarism. It was especially used when Japan started the Pacific War and invaded many Asian countries, but it is not much known worldwide, so it is still used frequently as just one of symbols of Japan, which is very different from how German Hakenkreuz is being treated.

Japanese far-right people or many companies still use Rising Sun, which means they don’t regret their invasions and massacres during the war. Therefore, Using Rising Sun flag must be prohibited forever.

2. Visiting Yasukuni Shrine Contriversy

Japanese government built Yasukuni Shrine to make memorial services for their military and soldiers. There are around 2,460,000 fallen soldiers during many wars after 1853, like Sino-Japanese Wars, Russo-Japanese War, Manchurian Incident, Pacific War, etc. But they put Lee Wu in there saying he was Japanese in law when he died, who was the Prince of Korean Emperor. And they also put Class-A War Criminals together. Moreover, Japanese politicians keep visiting Yasukuni Shrine and saying the Class-A War Criminals are national heroes. That means they don’t regret their war crimes at all, so it always makes political, social conflicts.

3. Information on the Document

  • Written by: Bae Gyudong (Chief Manager)

  • Day of the latest edition: 2019/03/28